Denise Richards is a coke fiend?

Denise Richards is a coke fiend?

Here are those photos of Denise snorting coke. It could be lip balm and it could be coke. Since there’s a white substance in her nose, cocaine would be the most likely guess. Unless it’s powder from a donut. Ritchie could have just finished eating a box of sugary delights and leaned in for a kiss. I mean look at him, it wouldn’t be that far fetched.

Update: Someone emailed me and reminded me Denise is a germaphobe. He also told me she puts vaseline up her nose when she gets on a plane and wears a medical mask so she won’t breathe in germs. I couldn’t verify that vaseline thing, but hey, why not? Thanks to Paul that sexy beast. Here’s a list of what the white stuff could be: cocaine, boogers, sunscreen and, maybe, love.

Denise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise Richards

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yeah vaseline explains why she’s so hyper. lol she’s a spaz. i would bet on coke.

your daddy

leave her tha fuck alone even if it was cocaine its none of your fuckin bizness!!!!


Hey people it’s called “sunscreen”… there are more pics on other sites that show her with the bottle putting it on…if you saw Richie Sambora on those same pics you can see how burnt he was…it’s no wonder why she’d be applying it all over…OMG, it’s so nice that people love to start stupid rumours for no apparent reasons!


I knew it, I saw some of her pics, her eyes are all red and her pupils are like pins, in more tha one pic. Check it out on google image, and remember she was with charlie for a long time.

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