Denise Richards is a coke fiend?

Denise Richards is a coke fiend?

Here are those photos of Denise snorting coke. It could be lip balm and it could be coke. Since there’s a white substance in her nose, cocaine would be the most likely guess. Unless it’s powder from a donut. Ritchie could have just finished eating a box of sugary delights and leaned in for a kiss. I mean look at him, it wouldn’t be that far fetched.

Update: Someone emailed me and reminded me Denise is a germaphobe. He also told me she puts vaseline up her nose when she gets on a plane and wears a medical mask so she won’t breathe in germs. I couldn’t verify that vaseline thing, but hey, why not? Thanks to Paul that sexy beast. Here’s a list of what the white stuff could be: cocaine, boogers, sunscreen and, maybe, love.

Denise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise Richards

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