Everyone in ‘N Sync is gay

JC Chasez of ‘N Sync fame didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he asked his publicist to hit on some guy during Fashion Week. The guy turned out to be friends with a gossip columnist.

“[His publicist] was like, ‘JC is going to be at such and such a place later, and he’d love to hang out with you’ “

JC’s rep denies this ever happened, but clarified that if it did happen, “it would just be to hang out in a group, because he’s a cool guy, not like a setup” and they wouldn’t be playing hide the salami at the end of the evening. It’s becoming clear to me every member of ‘N Sync is probably gay. It explains why Justin was with Cameron Diaz for four years and now he’s banging some of the hottest girls in Hollywood in an attempt to prove to the world he doesn’t like the taste of man juice.

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14 years ago

wow! do you sounnd dumb

12 years ago

so basically if a guy wants to hang out with another guy then he’s gay? And if he has a girl friend and is banging hot girls then he’s gay too? LOL how on Earth can a man be straight now? This is hilarious