Howard K. Stern has a price

There have been ongoing negotiations between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead concerning custody over Dannielynn. TMZ has learned Stern has let Birkhead spend time with the baby and is willing to cooperate if the price is right.

Specifically, sources say Stern has his eye on the Bahamian house Anna Nicole bought (not Horizons), and the boat she purchased just before her death. But that is not the end of Stern’s financial wish list. Sources say he has set his sights on other assets as well.

No, this can’t be. Howard K. Stern would never use his precious Dannielynn as a bargaining chip. Howard K. Stern is not a money hungry opportunist. What’s that you say? The house, boat AND the estate? Do you want her diaper changed before she’s dropped at your doorstep?

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17 years ago

TMZ is not exactly a reliable news source. But way to go with the continuing slanderous comments regarding Howard K. Stern. It’s important to continue to portray Anna Nicole Smith’s only friend and closest confidante as the devil.