Howard K. Stern is really broken up

Howard K. Stern received $1 million to do this interview with Entertainment Tonight which will begin airing in segments over the week. He was filmed on a jet from Florida to the Bahamas. Howard blubbers,

“I just want her to be with Daniel, I hope that they’re happy … she was such a wonderful person.”

The guy looks like he’s about to burst out in maniacal laughter. Who wouldn’t when they’re thinking about the $1 million they just made and the possibility of a lot more after Anna’s estate is settled? Too bad ET won’t show the footage where he’s doing cartwheels all over the jet.

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17 years ago

I get a sense about people. I feel bad for Howard, I sense he did things for Anna because he cared for her. The media is going to make him out to be the bad guy. When she was going through withdrawals in the hospital while pregnant, I bet she was having such a hard time he could not bear to watch her suffer. He has been with her for years, through all the good and bad times. Does anyone see the big picture? This man was always there for her. I bet Anna could be demanding, I see Howard… Read more »

tammy hunnell
17 years ago

Howard has been there for Anna for over 10 years. Why cant people just let her rest in peace. I pray that Howard is the father of Dannielynn, He is the only person who has been a father to her. Just let’s stop fighting and put this mess to bed.

17 years ago

i agree, howard has always been there. he already has acess to the money, the baby just gives him more. if he didnt love her or thought that he was at least in the running he probably would have just ran. i DO NOT CARE WHO THE DAD IS BECAUSE, this is the only parent hat Dannielynne knows, so why is someone going to take two parents away? larry is a stranger, he just wants fame and fortune, not parenting, just publicity. howard loved,loves, her and did what they thought was correct. he apparantly wanted howard to be her father…