Ivanka Trump isn’t Paris Hilton

MSN says there’s an ongoing feud between Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton I wasn’t aware of. Apparently, Ivanka Trump is tired of being compared to Paris Hilton. She says she’s nothing like her. Her boobs are so much bigger.

“I work 13-hour days for my money,” the 25-year-old former model, who now works for dad Donald’s business, told the London Express. “I bought my house from my father – I have a mortgage, you know.”

Only Ivanka Trump could equate having a mortgage to being better than Paris. If you read through that quote you’ll see former model, dad Donald and bought house from father. Yea, her life has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Not like a thought bubble doesn’t appear over a person’s head when you introduce yourself as Something Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Ivanka characterizes her life as tumultuous, but this debate is like two old people arguing over who wears the more absorbent diapers. And how much do you want to bet those 13-hour work days include 6 hours of making love to a lens.

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