Jennifer Hudson doesn’t like American Idol

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has spoken out about American Idol. She describes her experience on the show as abusive. According to Hudson, the show abuses, brainwashes and misleads you to believe whatever they want you to think.

“You become a character — I became the girl in the turkey wrapping.” (On one episode, she wore an unflattering outfit that earned that label.) “I just knew I had to sing my way out of it. I don’t believe in looking back, and I didn’t look back.”

Are we talking about the same show here? The one that’s been going on for six seasons? The one that helped this turkey wrapped sausage or whatever win a Golden Globe and SAG award? The only reason this same deli sandwich was chosen for Dreamgirls and got her nominated for an Oscar? This is rich. I know the first thing I would do after winning the lottery is call the state a bunch of thieving bastards. That’s after I deposit my winnings in an off-shore banking account. Possibly in Jamaica.

This girl should be kissing Simon’s feet and buying Paula bottles of Patron to put in her cup. If it wasn’t for the show, she’d be singing at the local fair and contemplating when she should use her free coupon to Jenny Craig. And you know why the state fair? They have pie eating contests.

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