Jim Carrey finally went crazy

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Jim Carrey talked crazy in an interview with Time. He says how someone is the big joke for a year and that he could be next,

“Everyone gets to be the big joke for a year. That’s this business,” he says. “Last year it was Tom Cruise. I could be the next Kathie Lee Gifford. But you have to say to yourself, ‘Wait a minute, dude, that’s not you.'”

He describes his spiritual enlightenment and how he wants to write a book about it.

“It will be more representative of who I am than anything I’ve ever done,” he says. “I feel like I know something. These thoughts make me feel like I’m wearing gold shoes.”

Then he says it doesn’t matter to him if he doesn’t work in a while.

“It used to be all show biz, and now it’s just one flower in my flower bed,”

This makes sense to someone out there I suppose. If a guy actually said this to me, I’d back away slowly because there’s a 90% chance he keeps severed heads in his freezer.

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Clearly Jeremy is the sneering adolescent asshole who needs to grow up.


Nah. He’s not a millennial.


Substitute “reassuring” with “condescending.”


Well, its totally what I expect from Carrey. Always in character, always doing a perfomance. Andy Kaufman is a big idol for him, so he does the same. It looks pretty close to a nervous breakdown, but who wouldn’t be like that, when you’re publicly accused of enabling your ex-girfriends suicide. I would go insane. Just look at him. Emaciated, obviously not eating well or being sick. He needs to take himself out of the limelight, or he will become a total weirdo and headcase like Mr. Sheen.

Creative Guru

Could it be a publicity stunt?


Jim Carrey is Buddhist guys. This is the Buddhist concepts of emptiness and non-self. I’m sure it sounds crazy if you aren’t Buddhist or Hindu, but I get what he’s saying. He’s (probably) not crazy, but maybe what we call “stuck in emptiness”.

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