Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia: The Fallout

This deserves a third mention here because Joe Rogan has been banned from the Comedy Store for exposing Carlos Mencia as the thief he is. Some of you know Carlos Mencia from his tragically unfunny show, Mind of Mencia. I’ve watched it two times and Mencia’s mannerisms bear a striking resemblance to Joe Rogan. It’s like watching Rogan’s evil twin. Anyway, in the video, Joe rips into Carlos for being a joke thief. He splices in some other comedians like Bobby Lee who say if they performed, people would think he was just doing a Carlos Mencia bit. I’m still kind of pissed Mind of Mencia is even on television. I’d rather Mike Tyson punch me in the nuts than have to listen to Carlos. Wait, I take that back. That would hurt like hell.

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16 years ago