Josh and Scarlett could never work

Josh Hartnett recently admitted that his breakup with Scarlett Johansson was “really painful.” Josh thought Scarlett was special and that they might spend their lives together. In the end, there was too much pressure and fighting.

“It’s taken a while but he’s getting over it now – he’s just immersing himself in work. Scarlett was very much a one-off. She was independent, feisty and outgoing – everything he wanted. But the relationship just didn’t work out.”

This sappy s**t don’t fly here kid. You can’t tame a girl like Scarlett. The best you can do is grab on and enjoy the ride and don’t fall off and break your neck because then you could be paralyzed like Christopher Reeves and that would cost a lot of money so you might as well ask the doctors about euthanasia since you’re poor which is why you live in the basement of your parent’s house. Sorry, I kind of got lost in the moment.

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