Justin Timberlake cavorts with Scarlett Johansson

After a fling with Jessica Biel at Sundance, Justin Timberlake is now sexing up Scarlett Johansson. The two of them were in Miami enjoying a postgame party together. They met at the Hennessey Super Bowl afterparty at Mokai and left together, but

“Then, as they left through the back, Justin was leaning against the wall and Scarlett came up, leaned into him and did a sexy, little dance, grinding into his body.”

No wonder Scarlett was MIA from our little Super Bowl date on Sunday. She was being a little hussy in Miami. That’s the last straw. We’re over Scarlett. I don’t want to hear from you ever again. Wait. Just kidding. Please call me. Did you get my messages and the roses?

There’s actually more to the story. Scarlett’s life is looking pretty up right now because she managed to win a condo. Not some stupid hat, cup or even jewelery…a year’s lease on a condo. Life is great.

Saturday, during a visit to the Sprint Style Villa, she won a year’s lease, worth $50,000, to a South Beach condo. Johanssen’s rep said, “I don’t comment on my client’s personal life. She did win the condo lease, and she will be donating it to a Miami charity.”

A $50,000 lease is around $4,000 in rent per month. I’m not sure how this makes me feel. Will it have enough space to contain our love? Scientists say no.

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