Keira Knightley will disappear

Keira Knightley is planning on taking a break from acting to focus on her personal life. She doesn’t even care that she may have to rebuild her acting credentials. Keira also comments on how her looks can be a detriment.

“I’ve been to photo shoots where the photographer has told me he’d kept my legs out of shot so I don’t need to worry about them – that of course makes you worry. Then I’ve had make-up artists who’ve told me they need to shade the top of my nose so it won’t look so broken. I also got rejected for a job once because someone said I had a funny mouth.”

Broken nosed funny mouthed Keira Knightley forgot to mention her virtually non-existent chest. Granted, having sex with Keira does put you on cloud nine…until your gaze locks onto her rock hard abs and mosquito bites. Things are going to get a little uncomfortable when she finds you huddled in the corner of the shower chanting “I’m so confused” over and over again while water rains down on your hapless naked body.

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