Kim Kardashian does have a sex tape

Kim Kardashian does have a sex tape

A while back, Kim Kardashian swore up and down there was no sex tape of her and Ray J experimenting with pee. Now she changes her tune and admits there are tapes. Yes, tapes, plural. Kardashian told E!’s Daily Ten,

“Have there been tapes? Maybe, yes,” she confessed. “But are they for sale? No. Not for sale. That’s our business.”

Sources have long professed to the existance of these tapes and that Kim is actively involved in selling them. Sugar DVD and Joe Francis’ Girl’s Gone Wild are just two companies rumored to have acquired the video. However, Kimmy states that she’s not poor and desperate enough to sell a sex tape that would humiliate her family. According to the giant boobs I’m staring at, the two businesses she runs are proof enough she doesn’t need the money.

Kim Kardashian runs two businesses? Can you write off your own vagina and anus as expenses? Because last time I checked, the IRS still adheres to some pretty Draconian laws with nary a mention of bodily orifices. But maybe, just maybe, Kim could be the catalyst that brings them into the 21st century.

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