Kim Kardashian is going to sue

Kim Kardashian is filing suit to halt the release of her sex tape. She’s hurt and embarrassed about what’s going on and insists she has nothing to do with the release. Interestingly enough, Vivid has removed the much hyped golden shower scene from the DVD.

It’s Kim versus Vivid Entertainment. The biggest and most popular adult film producers. The juggernaut of the porn industry. Good luck with that Kim. I hope they at least use lube before that 10 inch long and wide dildo is thrust into you. Since we’re on the subject, here are two uncensored clips from the sex tape. One is just with her top off and the other is Ray J pounding her out from behind. Both of course are NSFW. Click the links to download.

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17 years ago

The golder show scene was the one we were looking forward too the most you idiots!