Nicky Hilton is being sued

Nicky Hilton’s “Nicky O” hotel in Chicago is in trouble after a Chicago development group filed suit against the other Hilton sister. Robert Falor Investments and Grand USA Hotel Supply & Restaurant argue Nicky Hilton failed to promote the hotel which was part of their deal. Nicky also allegedly contracted out design work and attempted to charge it back to the developers and misrepresented her and her associates’ experience in hotel design. Hilton’s publicist Elliot Mintz then proceeded to play his usual mind games.

Things are not always as they appear,” he said. “When the facts surrounding this matter are known to the public I think you will find out that the person who has been most impacted by this action will be Nicky Hilton… In the meantime, I don’t think anybody should draw any conclusions based on the simple filing of a lawsuit.”

Their first mistake was assuming Nicky had knowledge of anything other than condoms and caviar. You may not agree, but I think it’s actually kind of cute that Nicky thought playing with her Barbie dream house qualified her to design a real hotel.

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17 years ago

Judging by her sisters…ahem…antics…in the sex video…I doubt she even has a knowledge of condoms. Lube and toys, maybe…but condoms, definite no.