Norbit might hurt Eddie Murphy


Ya think? Eddie Murphy has already won a Screen Actor Guild award and a Golden Globe for his role in Dreamgirls. He’s expected to win an Oscar, but some are questioning how much his new “comedy” Norbit will hurt his chances. Norbit features Eddie in a really fat fat suit portraying an ignorant black woman.

“Every time I pass that billboard, it makes me sick,” said one veteran Oscar consultant, who declined to be identified and is not involved in a rival campaign. “I think his performance in ‘Dreamgirls’ is so fabulous” and deserves to win the Academy Award. But, he added, Murphy’s latest comedy offering “doesn’t help.”

I’m guessing that’s just one of the offending parts of the movie. It looked so stupid that when I saw the preview in theatres, my knee-jerk reaction was to punch someone in the back of the head. Regardless, the people behind Norbit think different. Like Apple!

“Norbit” could end up working in Murphy’s favor, the creative forces behind it say, because the comedy demonstrates Murphy’s range and ability to morph into multiple characters. It’s an approach the actor has used to great success in “Coming to America” and the two “The Nutty Professor” films. “Norbit,” about a wimpy man trapped in a horrible relationship with a woman (also played by Murphy), was co-written by Murphy and his brother Charles Murphy, and produced by the actor’s production company.

Hmm, right. It all makes sense now. Fat suits are only a means to an end. Eddie has to perpetuate stereotypes to evoke meaningful discussion amongst his peers. Martin Luther King would be so proud. So…where exactly do the tranny hookers come in?

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