Pete Wentz makes out with boys

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy gave a somewhat revealing interview with Blender.

How would you describe your taste in sex?
I tend to be a bit prudish. I’m a make-out king–I’ll kiss anybody–but as far as going further than that, I wanna keep my number down. I don’t wanna tell my future wife, “Yeah, I’ve been with, like, 50 people.” But when I’m with somebody, the caveman in me wants it to be completely deviant. Like, “Oh this isn’t supposed to go in there? Then that’s where it has to go.”

So, make-out king, you’ve kissed boys?
I have. Anybody above the waist is fair game.

There’s really no surprise here. This just confirms the stereotype of bands like Fall Out Boy. Besides kissing boys and crying over what color to paint their nails, members of Fall Out Boy are also growing vaginas to replace their wilting penises.


    il et beau


    o putain sa ce voi ki vien de sortire du li

  • grow up u moron petes great n u shouldent bullie him just cos hes bi, its pathetic franklie

  • Kinz

    I agree wit alana i think it’s hot that he’s man enough to admit it!!

  • Invisible_rebel


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