Sienna drunkenly defends Paris and Lindsay

Sienna Miller, caught here drunk, defends the hard partying of Paris and Lindsay calling them regular gals. Sienna explains the only difference between Hollywood girls and regular girls is they are being watched.

Girls are doing the same thing all over the world as what these girls are doing, but they’re not being photographed while they’re doing it. I think it’s healthy for young girls to go out and have fun in their teenage years and early twenties. I’m not going to judge anyone.

Note that Sienna Miller went to three different BAFTA parties Sunday night, drinking until 5:30 am. I dare say Sienna is the unintelligible slurred voice of reason in this Hollywood mess. All it took was Sienna’s inspired speech to make me realize Lindsay and Paris are just like us normal people. The whole time I thought the girls I know doing lines of coke and blowing John Does in the bathroom were somehow less glamorous than the ones doing it in Hollywood. Thank you Sienna. I see the light.

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