Someone robbed Anna’s home

Howard K. Stern flew back to the Bahamas to reunite with Dannielynn and discovered someone had broken into his and Anna’s shared home. All her personal belongings were pilfered in an attempt to profit off of them.

“I just can’t believe it,” exclaims Howard. “These people could be so cruel. I mean, they literally — the day after Anna died — came in here, and all of our personal things are gone. All of our videos, the video of our baby’s birth, computers, all the storage drives, everything of importance, every legal paper, recordings, Anna’s paintings — her own paintings that she made, that were in the nursery — and they just stole it.”

Howard says he wants everything back. Logically, the thieves will feel a wave of guilt and come back with their tail between their legs to return the items and be thrown in jail. Which reminds me of back in the day when I stole most of Baron Von Housen’s millions. He lost the title of Baron, his wife divorced him and he died a pauper. Sure I feel guilty sometimes, but swimming in my vault of cash takes care of that pesky problem.

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