The disabled hate Heather Mills

The disabled hate Heather Mills

The one-legged ex-wife of Paul McCartney is set to debut on Dancing With the Stars this season. A disabled group in her native Britain have taken offense claiming her appearance on the show proves she is able-bodied. They want her to stop using the handicap badge which allows her to park in handicap spaces.

The Federation’s spokesperson Kathy Gordon says, “Clearly she has mobility so she should refrain from using the badge. It’s not fair on other disabled people.”

Hopefully they take it away from her. Then she’ll have to take her car to the back of the parking lot and hobble her ass to the mall in the rain where a wheel chaired guy will ask what took her so long. Then she’ll beat him unconscious with her prosthetic leg and roll him down a hill because Heather Mills always gets the last laugh.

  • joanne meyers


  • Tony Wallen

    How can a pathetic excuse for a television show sink even lower? That’s easy, put a self-indulgent, conceited, fame-seeking strumpet on for the sake of sensationalism only. I myself am not disabled, but I am the primary care-giver for my mother who is a diabetic amputee. She lost her leg below the knee on the right and half of her left foot. I have seen this woman suffer with these disabilities along with a plethora of other medical problems. What has Miss Mills suffered, hmmm? A multi-million dollar divorce settlement? Poor little thing. I can’t see for the tears I am shedding for her. Heather Mills does not deserve any attention and especially no recognition for any so called courage concerning her forthcoming appearance on TV’s equivalent to tripe, Dancing with the Stars. She is not a Star. She is no better than the demon in human form that assasinated John Lennon. She took advantage of Paul following Linda’s death. Leg or no leg, that is wrong. Courage? Linda had courage to face cancer and fight it to the bitter end. Heather Mills, courageous? In a pig’s eye you tart!!! You mess with a Beatle, you mess with the rest of us sweetheart!!!!!

  • Joanne M.

    Heather Mills has a known reputation that would make a street-corner whore cringe. I sometimes wonder how Sir Paul McCartney could have fallen for someone with her reputation. Obviously he lives through his heart, and she lives through . . . well, you get the idea. I am apalled by the idea that she is on this show. Who would ever give her support? I cannot imagine what she is thinking, but it is obvious that she won’t last long on this show. She is going for the sympathy vote, but there is absolutely nothing sympathetic about her.

  • Joanne M.

    Sir Paul,
    If you are really looking for a good girl — I am an attractive widow who is not a gold-digger. Just looking for a good cuddle and lots of love. Think about it.

  • maccazgrl

    The disabled do hate Heather Mills. I’m disabled and I hate the fact that she tries act like her disability is the worse one out there but shes supposedly so brave and stuff. She pretends that she is speaking out for all disabled people but she doesn’t speak for me. She doesn’t deserve more sympathy than any of the rest of us. Frankly, I think taking advantage of my favorite Beatle when he was mourning the loss of his wife is morally reprehensible. I will not watch that show ever again. Your right, she isn’t a star, just some whore who married Paulie for his money.

  • luv blemish on my face

    joanne m-
    uhhh…sir paul aint ever gonna look on this website…

  • SonjaC

    So much hatred for someone none of you even know? All I’ve ever seen Heather Mills do is try to show people that even though someone has a disability they can still have a normal life and accomplish things they didn’t think could be accomplished. And for that, she’s criticized? Give me a break! To those who call her nothing more than a “gold-digger”, maybe you all know something the rest of us don’t? Were you there throughout her marriage to Paul? Do you have the inside story we lack to make that judgment call? Lighten up people! Just because Paul McCartney is a much-loved famous ex-Beatle doesn’t make him a saint! And just because they are going through a messy divorce doesn’t make her the villian! And to those who claim she isn’t disabled? Think again. There ARE things that she can’t do because of her disability that those of us who aren’t disabled can. She deserves the same considerations any other disabled person is entitled to. All I’ve seen on this site in relation to this individual is a lot of hateful comments so far. None of which have any real validity. Too bad.

  • denise

    I am sick and tired of heather mills. How long can her 15 minutes last???

  • Give Heather a break please. No one knows anything about her marriage to Paul or the reasons for it except the two of them, so lay off.
    As far as her “handicap” goes, the woman lost a leg and now is showing us all that life goes on and people with such handicaps can dance if they so choose. Personally, I am impressed by her courage and stamina! Leave her alone…..go pick on someone else!

  • Holly

    Anyone who marries a Beatle, and gets into a dispute or divorce is going to be blamed. Fans you all vilified Linda Mcartney, Yoko and now Heather Mills because the rules of beatlemania are ‘Anyone who vilifies a Beatle deserves to go to hell.

    If you a become a rockstar does it make you entitled to be a pedophile like Boy George and to blame the victim. OJ Simpson is innocent.
    Paul is still innocent until proven guilty. But Heather picked the wrong man. She should have married a non celebrity, and lived in separate house during dispute periods.
    Joanne if you want to marry someone powerful and popular whether they are violent or not, you better be a perfect angel and handle all their crap like a punching bag and stay silent and supportive because you will be the next VILLAIN if you react.

  • DinaM

    People should have something better to do with their lives, than try to take away someone’s handicap parking permit. Good grief.

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