The disabled hate Heather Mills

The disabled hate Heather Mills

The one-legged ex-wife of Paul McCartney is set to debut on Dancing With the Stars this season. A disabled group in her native Britain have taken offense claiming her appearance on the show proves she is able-bodied. They want her to stop using the handicap badge which allows her to park in handicap spaces.

The Federation’s spokesperson Kathy Gordon says, “Clearly she has mobility so she should refrain from using the badge. It’s not fair on other disabled people.”

Hopefully they take it away from her. Then she’ll have to take her car to the back of the parking lot and hobble her ass to the mall in the rain where a wheel chaired guy will ask what took her so long. Then she’ll beat him unconscious with her prosthetic leg and roll him down a hill because Heather Mills always gets the last laugh.

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