Uh, ok Tyra

February is Black History Month and what better way to celebrate than having the first black Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model, Tyra Banks, recreate her photo shoot. Tyra has gained 20 lbs since the first shoot bringing her to a filling 160 lbs. With lots of airbrushing, I’m proud to say she’s still sexy as ever.

Most of the pictures are of her in the water or her covering up. The only full bikini shot is that damn cover. I tried scaling it so you could compare the two. Don’t let their crafty perspective tricks fool you. It looks like they enlarged the text and put Tyra more in the distance to make her look less pudgy. Video of Tyra discussing her rolls below and more airbrushed pictures after the jump.

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17 years ago

I would just like to complement you on your achievements at your age. Many people are still dreaming of what they would like to become even if they are already 50 years old. You have enjoyed your days as a model and its good that you decided to leave modelling whilst you were still good to look at. Whilst its true that its good to take care of your body for healths’ sake, its bad to obsess about being thin. At least you are comfortable about who you are. A WOMAN WHO IS MATURING WITH ACHIEVEMENTS! Let all your critics… Read more »