Vince Vaughn is a chump

Vince Vaughn’s friends claim Vince is desperate to win Jennifer Aniston back. Ever since breaking up, Vince has regretted his decision and has become lonely. Now that news of Jennifer Aniston wanting to adopt has surfaced, Vince feels even worse about the split.

The source added, “Vince feels responsible for Jennifer’s situation, because without him she’s being forced to go down the single mother route because of her age. He really does want to get married and have kids. It kills him to think about Jennifer bringing a child home on her own and taking on the whole responsibility by herself.”

There are two things I got from this. Vince Vaughn might be mildly retarded and his friends suck. It’s pretty clear Jennifer Aniston called this in and tried disguising her voice. Except instead of lowering her voice, she raised it. Then when they asked her for her name she said Alvin, wait no, Simon. Which means this story was brought to you by a talking chipmunk with two brothers.

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