300 sets record

300 took first place at the box office this weekend. The movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel sold $70 million worth of tickets. All the more impressive was how this rated R movie bested the previous record holder for the month, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (PG), by $2 million. Not only that, 300 is now the third highest R rated movie behind The Matrix Reloaded and The Passion of the Christ. As for the other movies, Wild Hogs held the number two spot with only $28 million in sales and Bridge to Teribithia took in $6.9 million.

Warner Bros. has begun salivating over future films in this genre. In fact, rumors are flying that even Dreamworks plans to release a CGI spectacle that will break barriers in family oriented homoeroticism. Somewhere out there, Jake Gyllenhaal nods in approval.

A bunch of stills from 300 after the jump.

Pajiba reviews 300

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17 years ago

This movie was freakin awesome. I wil have to go back to see it, especially since I barely took my eyes off of the amazing abs on every guy.