Angelina’s adoption is happening now

Angelina's adoption is happening now

Angelina Jolie is in Ho Chi Minh City today to prepare for her adoption. On Thursday morning, Angelina will attend an adoption ceremony with Vietnamese officials. U.S. consular officials must then review the adoption before a passport can be issued for the boy. Vu Duc Long, Head of the Bureau of International Adopted Children, admitted the adoption was sped up partly due to her fame. Angelina could have her baby by this weekend if all goes according to plan.

With each passing baby, the chances of her adopting me are getting low. I don’t see why I can’t be part of the family. I can be cute like a baby too. “Goo goo, ga ga.” See, that was pretty cute. She doesn’t even have to change my diaper. But I must insist she still bathe me.

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I think she is amazing. Someone will catch her eye as the kids get older and are able to send more time with their father.

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