Baked chicken was Jennifer Hudson’s downfall

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson was set to perform at the Starbucks annual shareholder meeting in Seattle before she was dropped due to her lengthy demands. Included in the wish list were five town cars for her, the hair and make-up artists, security and the assistants. Jennifer’s agent also wanted a humidifier backstage. But what sealed her fate was when they told Starbucks Hudson would need baked chicken wings at 10 a.m. Jennifer has since stated she was unaware of the demands.

Don’t believe for one second Hudson didn’t know about the baked chicken wings at 10 a.m. That was the first thing on the list. Her William Morris agent was probably embarrassed asking for it so they put it last. Honestly though, does Jennifer really need this? If you combined everything in her stomach right now, you’d end up with a winged cow pig thing. Geez, I think i just described Jennifer Hudson.

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