Blunt and Lohan?

James Blunt and Lindsay Lohan were spotted leaving a club together which apparently is enough to make them a couple. Blunt has even been rumored to have spent the night at Lohan’s. The sorcerer James Blunt has long been attached to model Petra Nemcova, but it makes more sense for him to be paired with Lohan because they’re both overrated.

On the other hand, Lindsay has been a busy girl as well. On Saturday morning, Lindsay met up with Paris’ ex, Stavros Niarchos, at Les Deux. They left separately, but met up later at a Brazilian eatery.

Hollywood life sounds tough. There’s so much sleeping around to do that there’s almost no time for a job. Luckily, they’re paid $5 million for 10 hours of work.

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17 years ago

“but it makes more sense for him to paired with Lohan because they’re both overrated.”

So true…lol!

DIC Celebrity Gossip
DIC Celebrity Gossip
17 years ago

Now that’s one smart move. A one-hit midget replacing a gorgeous supermodel with trash. Maybe he wants to distance himself from Petra after running over someone’s leg?