Bomb scare at E! building

There was a bomb threat at E!’s Wilshire Boulvevard headquarters earlier today. Defamer is following the developing story. I thought this was pretty funny. Not the bomb scare, but the initial reports from the tipsters. There’s a “Ryan Seacrest is a douchebag” vibe in all the reports. For example

I work in the building opposite, and they just announced that this is what is going on the loudspeaker in the building. we have been given the option of evacuating, but then were told it wasn’t necessary. ryan seacrest apparently escaped in his astin martin, but all other staffers are trapped here and milling about wilshire.

And so on. The gist is Ryan Seacrest fled in his Aston Martin while everyone else couldn’t leave. I can just picture Ryan cackling madly as he speeds through Wilshire in his old Aston Martin wearing a bomber jacket and aviation goggles with his scarf flapping in the wind. Even if in reality he sent in all those tips to cover up the fact that he’s huddled in a corner sucking his thumb.

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