Brandon Davis is such a moron

Oil heir Brandon Davis had a debacle at Paris Hilton’s birthday party a week or two ago. In addition to throwing stuff at Paula Abdul, he was making fun of her Middle Eastern heritage.

“He kept on saying her last name over and over again, and then would insert his made-up version of an Arabic language.”

As it turns out, his his last name isn’t Davis, it’s Zarif from his father Nebil Zarif, a Turkish-American wine importer. Brandon’s grandfather, Marvin Davis, never approved of Nebil and his mother Nancy’s marriage and basically paid Nebil to leave. Luckily, everyone already knew Brandon Zarif is a complete retard. It saves people the trouble of explaining why. On another note, why is he so sweaty? I’ve seen less perspiration in Jenny Craig on chase the donut-mobile day. He leaves a salty puddle everywhere he goes. He’s like a slug, but uglier.

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17 years ago

ure making it seem like brandon davies is dumb, partially because he’s turkish. so i guess ure too busy covering this brainless twat of a celebrity, to notice that turkish authors win nobel prizes or that turkish cardiologists perform surgeries on jetsetters throughout the world or whatevs. anyway isn’t it ironic that zarif in turkish means delicate and graceful lol:)

17 years ago

it’s because turkey is pretty much near the middle east so he’s mocking himself. the question is, does he know it?

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Brandon is a pussy, probably has a pussy.

2 years ago

His Grandmother Barbara was a call girl back in Chicago & is currently a heroin addict. They were in business with America’s biggest gangster Dina Merrill.