Britney is addicted to coke

Britney Spears has been a very difficult patient for Promises. She doesn’t believe she belongs there and is throwing temper tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. She refuses to clean up after herself and has even requested a maid.

Not only that, rumor has it Britney is addicted to Coca-Cola. The former Pepsi spokeswoman is rumored to drink 24 cans a day. Star says,

“Usually when a patient eats [a lot of] sugar,” adds the source, “it means that they are coming down from a drug that kept them really up, like cocaine or speed.” And Britney is definitely chowing down on the sweets. “She has been drinking tons of Coca-Cola – about two cases a day, or 24 Cokes in 24 hours. She drinks one after the other!” a source tells Star. (There are 140 calories in a single Coke – so that means Brit’s imbibing at least 3,300 calories every day from the soft drinks alone!)

I for one can’t wait till Britney gets out of rehab. What will she look like? A whale, a hippo, a panda? The possibilities are endless. It would be cool if she came out looking like a polar bear though. Marketing at Coca-Cola won’t have to think too hard about that one.

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16 years ago

jesus i drink more coke than her and i dont see cameras following me around.. leave her alone your just as pathetic as the ones who point out things wrong with celebrities bodys and i meen small things like there nails are cut wrong or something daft like that… get over it its only coke its not a drunk i drink it alot because i am very stressed with my career.. just leave her alone its coke get over it!!

16 years ago

That’s gross…. she is probably gaining about a pound every day because one pound is 3,500 calories.