Britney Spears might be in trouble

Pictures of Britney Spears swapping clothes with dancers at New York’s nightclub One on February 12 has sparked a bidding war among paparazzi agencies. The photos are currently valued at $150,000. Seeing an over the hill naked Britney is all well and good, but even more damaging is a video that could be used to take her kids away.

Britney’s dancer buddies are telling friends that the club let them go when management discovered a security video of them doing some serious partying with the mother of two. “The manager said there was a tape of them. Both the girls cried about it when they got fired, but they didn’t deny it.”

Cocaine or a threesome? This is a question to be answered by those sexy ladies out there. Call my assistant and she’ll set up a day and time we can meet. We can even talk about it over dinner. I have to warn you though. Many have fallen prey to my devilish smile and dashing good looks. It’s more of a curse really.

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