Britney was out of it

Britney Spears

It seems with Britney Spears in rehab, there hasn’t been much interesting gossip about her. That’s why we have to travel back in time to before Britney checked into Promises. Sources tell TMZ Britney seemed out of it while shopping for clothes at BeBe.

Brit handed over her kids to the store’s salespeople so she could peruse the racks of clothes. The gal’s got priorities! When it came time to try the items on, Spears didn’t bother with a pesky dressing room — and stripped down right in the middle of the store — in front of staff and other customers! We’re told the “Toxic” singer even tried out some new dance moves for her shocked audience.

Sadly, the other customers could have never foreseen the swinging flab that awaited them at BeBe. The only solace for them was when a brave soul convinced Britney there was a cookie shop two stores over. That poor man. Not even a stopwatch could measure how quickly Britney mowed him down and ran out of there.

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