Carlos Mencia steals two more

You can now add Bill Cosby and Sam Kinison to the list of comedians Carlos Mencia aka Ned Holness has stolen from. I may not know much, but I do know Bill Cosby and Sam Kinison are somewhat recognizable. To plagiarize them is clear evidence of a childhood fondness for drinking cleaning solutions.

  • Bunhyung

    Well, mexicans are lazy. Carlos is too famous to go looting so he has to steal something. Theft must be a genetic trait.

  • Reily

    Carlos is really half German half Hondurian.

  • mark

    where is joes show? jealousy is soo fucked up he might stole some material but carlos probably has more origional material than joe could ever hope for. where is joes show?

  • mark

    ok adolf what are you (bunhyung) native american YOU are a wet back also

  • Joe’s show is on Spike TV.

  • mark

    never seen it what is it fear factor

  • mark

    a comedy show?

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