Carmen Electra hasn’t yet mastered walking

At the Max Factor Salutes Hollywood Fashion Show, Carmen Electra realized walking is hard. Apparently, the runway was made of ice. Someone came out to help, but ended up doing her best impression of a penguin sliding into the water. It’s just another day in the life of a model. Maybe next time they won’t be so presumptuous in thinking they can walk and chew at the same time. Silly things.

Update: Video after the pics. Wow, she completely wipes out and falls on her ass. I give it a 9.5.

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16 years ago

She is NOT a “model”. She is waaaaaay too short. She is a professional boob exposer and maybe actress.

Marquis de Sade
Marquis de Sade
16 years ago

Who cares, we’ve all busted our asses at some point, She just looks hotter when it happens to Her.