Danny Glover punched a photog

60-year-old Danny Glover punched Daily News photographer, Gary He, yesterday as he was leaving Brooklyn Federal Court. They describe it as a roundhouse punch (???) that glanced off He’s jaw. Gary was not injured and will not press charges. Glover and his assistant then fled in a limousine, but not before Danny asked,

“What gives you the right to come out here and photograph me and have your camera up in my face?” Glover growled, according to He.

A courthouse witness says Gary did nothing to provoke the attack. Danny’s lawyer says Gary created an incident. “The photographer tried to prevent him from leaving. He [Glover] was able to brush him away to get out.”

See, this is why I stopped being a photographer. It’s too dangerous. Sure, usually it’s all roses and caviar, but every once in a while old people attack. You may think it’s no big deal, but the elderly have canes, man. CANES!

For those wondering, the image up top is from the 2006 BET Awards. The bald guy is Harry Belafonte. The other guy is Danny Glover if you’re kind of slow.

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