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Gwen Stefani

  • Open Water 2 is really awesome. Ha, I made a funny. [Pajiba]
  • The Departed in under 2 minutes. [CH]
  • Duff hates Richie. [NinjaDude]
  • Timbaland bringing Britney back? [HB]
  • Hendrix heirs say “no” to Electric Vodka. [Glitterati]
  • A good Hawaiin Tropic add. Cancer included. [Grumpiest]
  • Is there a Friend’s curse? [Popbytes]
  • Gwen Stefani is packin’. [Yeeeah]
  • Photos of John Popper’s car. [SOW]
  • Not really celeb related, but Miami New Times writes about the shady [MNT]

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