Fans break Jared Leto’s nose

Jared Leto suffered a broken nose and other injuries Thursday in El Paso, TX at a 30 Seconds to Mars show. When Leto ran into the crowd as his band played The Kill, legions of fans overpowered security and rushed towards him. Leto suffered a broken nose, a foot injury and superficial injuries to his face and body. After he finished his set and declared it to be one of their best of the tour, the makeup wearing musician checked into the hospital.

The first campaign of the We Hate Jared Leto and the Offspring of His Attention Starved Mind Club was a huge success. It was marred only by the “unintentional” angle reporters took. Believe me, three months of planning is not unintentional. Give WHJLOHASMC the credit they deserve. On an unrelated note, rearranging the club acronym gives you AHOCWHMLSJ. Amazed? We are!

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16 years ago

Jared has sexy hands. The people who do this to him who write these horrible things tabout him all I have to say is CARMA!! it will get you. so beware of all busses,crosswalks, explosives, sharp objects etc… cuz you’ll get yours.