Gisele Bundchen might be knocked up

The rumor from Brazil is that Gisele Bundchen may be pregnant with Tom Brady’s next child. According to some Brazilian site (Portuguese), Gisele has told a few of her close friends already. This would make it Tom Brady’s second gestating child. In February, Bridget Moynahan revealed that she was three months pregnant. Curiously, they say Gisele is two months pregnant.

If this is true, then Tom Brady is a stud. He goes around impregnating models month to month while I sit here watching the crumbs from a Pop-Tart fall into my lap. Not really though. I wish I had a Pop-Tart. Actually, I wish I had any food at all. Sigh, if sexy was edible, I’d never go hungry.

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KING Vernon
17 years ago

Ball throwing device, are we really that lazy we can’t throw the ball?