Isla Fisher will give birth to a Borat

Sascha Baron Cohen’s fiancé Isla Fisher is reportedly pregnant with their first child. She announced it at Los Angeles’ the Cat and Fiddle pub where she downed a couple of Vodka shots in celebratory bliss. The Daily Star says

“Isla called everyone to a toast and gushed, ‘We have got good news. I am pregnant.'”

Isla’s rep refused to confirm and told everyone that Cohen and Fisher will decide if an announcement is necessary. Ok rep, you’re totally useless. Four dads sounds pretty cool though and that’s what this kid is gonna get. Sascha Cohen, Ali G, Borat, Bruno. Holy crap, this kid might grow up to be the best impersonator ever or end up being a really hairy gay wigger Kazakh. Ver nice!

Here’s Isla at the premiere of “The Lookout” which sparked the pregnancy rumors.

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