Janice Dickinson’s attention whoring has served her well

The world’s first supermodel (I’ve never heard of her until a few years ago) Janice Dickinson has been banned from all future LA Fashion Week Runway shows. Last night at Ed Hardy’s fashion show, Janice refused to sit in her assigned seat, ranting that it wasn’t close enough to the media. The seats she did choose to sit in were assigned to Fern Mallis, lead organizer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and Davis Factor, co-creator of Smashbox Studio. Despite her adamant threats of not moving for anyone, she eventually did when she was reprimanded by David Factor. But wait, there’s more. TMZ says,

Dickinson wasn’t done causing trouble just yet though. She then trashed Ed Hardy clothing to reporters, saying “Those t-shirts are worth $5 … it only cost them $5 to make in China,” but added they may be worth money in twenty years. The model/trainwreck then caused a scene backstage when she stuck her foot in a giant tub of ice after claiming a model “broke her toe.”

Janice Dickinson has being an annoying ass down to a science. I pray for the day she gets a speeding ticket and starts bitching the cop out. I hope TMZ is there with a camera to catch the subsequent shooting of a barbed Taser into her chest and zooms in on her convulsing body as she stutters, “Y..y….you…pa…pan….pansy!”

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Blah blah
17 years ago

good. i hope this squabble comes back to haunt her even more. that bitch has an attitude problem. S
he’s been banned from america’s next top model, too, because she was a major bitch to tyra, who so graciously let her be on the hit show in the first place.

Janice is starting to burn her bridges…fast.