Jeremy Piven is a good tipper

Jeremy Piven has been banned from Nobu following an incident at Nobu in Aspen. Jeremy was in town to appear on a panel with fellow Entourage stars when one night he came to the restaurant with 12 or more people and asked for a table. Despite being extremely busy, they found him one. After he finished, he told the manager, “Thanks for nothing” and tipped the waiter a first season Entourage DVD. As he left, the waiter ran up the stairs and chucked it at him.

This is pretty much what happens to me when I go out to eat. Except, instead of a DVD, I leave them used underwear. And instead of throwing it back in my face, they take a big whiff and swoon. Sometimes there’s even fainting. Like I told the manager, this is perfectly normal. Hey, why are you calling the police, you should be calling the ambulance.

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