Jessica Alba cried in acting class

Jessica Alba told a tv reporter on the set of Rise of the Silver Surfer that Desparate Housewive‘s Felicity Huffman made her cry in acting class.

“Felicity was very hard on me. She’s a tough cookie, that one. I just remember her making me cry because I didn’t prepare a scene right, or I didn’t talk loud enough.”

Stupid Felicity. Ugly people aren’t allowed to make pretty people cry. That’s the first thing they teach you when you pop out of the birth canal. If I was Felicity’s mother, I would be so ashamed. I command you to apologize Mrs. Huffman. Apologize now or I’ll make you a tranny in your next film. Hahaha, how would you like that you old bat! …Wait. She was in what!? You may have won this time Felicity, but next time you won’t be so lucky.

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16 years ago

jessica baby, didn’t borat teach you how to deal with those evil, shape-shifting

jews? throw some money and run. if that doesnt work u can threaten to crush

their eggs.