Johnny Depp’s daughter is sick

Johnny Depp’s seven-year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, is in the hospital with an undisclosed illness. Depp was supposed to begin filming Sweeney Todd before Lily became very sick nine days ago. He and girlfriend Vanessa also have a four year old son John Jack.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for all of them, and he has been finding it hard keeping it together. He’s a devoted dad and is spending as much time as he can with Lily.

That sucks. For some reason this happens to Johnny Depp. The actor very few people have a problem with. The guy is content to come in, do his work and not have attention whore issues. Plus, he’s not a supposed jerk like some other lesser stars (Tara Reid). Of course, our little competition will have to be put on hold. Johnny and I have been one-upping each other’s sexiness for years.

Update: Lily has blood poisoning.

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17 years ago

Seriously, this is the first thing I’ve read in weeks that I actually care about. I hope she’s okay.