Josh Duhamel picks Fergie’s butt

Ok, so he’s not really. He’s helping her with a wedgie. To be fair, her body isn’t bad at all. The face could use some work. Err, a lot of work. They might as well replace the thing. Why even have a Porsche when it looks like a band of monkeys attacked it with feces?

Anyway, while they were relaxing, someone asked Josh why Fergie wasn’t on a leash. Josh got pretty pissed. He answered, “Hey asshole. I lost it on my way over here. God damnit, why is everybody on my case today?”

More pictures of Fergie after the jump.

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luv blemish on my face
luv blemish on my face
15 years ago

looks like she forgot to wipe her ass in the first pic…
shame shame fergieshitlish

15 years ago

eso si es vergonsoso, bueno casi todos creimos que ella se quedaria soltera pero mira lo que trajo el rio a puesto q a muchos chicos les rompio el corazon, fergi :'(

Doug in Winnipeg
Doug in Winnipeg
12 years ago

I wish that was my girl. Perfect ass and tits! I do believe a good jerk is in order! BOOM! All Done!

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