Kanye West is a VIP

A music company is giving Kanye West the full celebrity treatment. They have ordered dinner from British Raj’s restaurant to be flown from Cardiff, Wales to New York for a paltry $3,900. The final price tag, originally $17.50 in-restaurant, was calculated based on the projected earnings from the two evenings that head chef, Kaysor Ahmed, would be gone.

The meal will be prepared, cooled, shrink-wrapped and packed in dry ice in the British Raj’s kitchens and – along with head chef Kaysor Ahmed – will be helicoptered from Wales to London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday. From there, the chef is to hop a flight to New York – monitoring the food’s temperature all the way – clear customs, and head for Manhattan, where the meal is to be served during a meeting Wednesday.

Sounds extravagant, but to be fair, Kanye does need expensive meals to maintain that big head of his. Without adequate sustenance, he might be humble or something. Then what would he be? Likable? I shudder to think.

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