Lindsay Lohan is up to her old tricks

Curbing her partying since finishing rehab has been the only difference between old Lindsay and new Lindsay. She still acts like the rules don’t apply to her. On the set of I Know Who Killed Me, she kept crew waiting for hours. When she finally showed up, Lindsay took a five hour nap and upon waking up, puked and went home.

Directors should be allowed to beat Lindsay Lohan. Except they need to use something that won’t leave marks. The only thing I can think of is a taser. For every 10 minutes that she’s late, the voltage goes up a notch. Yes, I’m a genius. I can’t believe I solved Hollywood’s diva problem in mere seconds. They should pay me for this, but I’ll give them this one for free since tasering Lindsay Lohan would be cathartic.

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17 years ago

All joking aside, this would be the perfect time to set an example. People dont need her they can go find a replacement in no time and make a new star. Then publish to everyone why you let her go and see if she finds work as easy or wakes up. Someone has to put a foot down eventually on these I am mightier then thou people. the stars really should not be controlling the production.

17 years ago

lmfao. Tasers. Too cool.