Lindsay Lohan still hates her dad

Michael Lohan has been out of jail for a while now so it makes sense for Lindsay Lohan to finally call him. Except, the message he received wasn’t the one he was hoping for. Lindsay told her estranged father, “You still haven’t changed. Don’t go near my mother ever again.”Afterwards, Lindsay warned her mother to take care of her sister and her brother. Michael, however, blames Lindsay’s uncle, Paul Sullivan, for the rift between the two.

“This is divine retribution. [Sullivan] is the guy behind the whole thing. He set me up, spread lies and rumors about me, and convinced Lindsay to ‘distance’ herself from me. Paul even pressed false charges against me to have me arrested. He called me a con man, but he’s a con man.”

Michael found God in jail and desperately wants to reconcile with Lindsay. Lindsay knows all Michael wants is her money. Little does Michael know Lindsay is going to be an out of work actress once studios realize that a brain damaged monkey could give a better performance.

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