Lindsay Lohan tapped a photog with her car

Lindsay Lohan tapped a photographer with her car last night in New York. The photog crumpled to the ground in an attempt to convey pain. Lindsay came out and accused the man of faking it. Judging by the emotionless gawking coming out of the other paparazzi, it sounded like he was. Video here. I especially like the guy who goes, “Lindsay…oh…man.” The photog was taken to St. Luke’s hospital. Splash says,

Lohan was initially allowed to leave the scene by police but was called back several hours later for questioning. The extent of the photographer’s injuries are as yet unknown.

Lindsay’s BMW pretty much jumped and bumped the guy. He must have the bones of a 90-year-old. Although, the concern from his brothers in arms was quite touching. They’d probably have the same reaction if Lindsay ran over a plastic bottle. I bet one of photogs would have dropped to his knees, clutched the bottle to his chest and screamed, “Why Lindsay?! Why!” while cursing the heavens with his fist.

Now with video embedded. We spare no expense around here.

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17 years ago

thats pretty damn hilarious

17 years ago

These guys are f@#$ing scumbags!! She should have run that piece of sh!t over. It is obvious she is going to get in her car and drive, and they are trying to profit from her any way they can. Why aren’t there anti-stalking laws for these parasites? I hope she is smart enough to try to invest some of her money in ways that cant be touched by these obnoxious a-holes!!