Mel Gibson bans beer

Mel Gibson is making waves again this time by banning a bear called Braveheart. The director thinks the name was taken from his 1995 movie.

But the brewery’s 72-year-old owner Keld Andersen initially refused to give in to pressure from Gibson, and only backed down after consulting with the Danish Patent and Trademark Council.

Andersen claimed the filmmaker couldn’t possibly copyright the name as a Romanian king from the 15th century was called Braveheart and a silent film from the 1920s was titled Brave Heart.

He says, “I was certain I had a good case against those big guys in Hollywood, but evidently it wasn’t enough. Gibson gets his way and the brewer admits defeat. There’s nothing we can do so we’ll stop making the Braveheart beer.”

I’ve always wanted to hold a patent or trademark or something. I tried to copyright my face once, but they told me you can’t copyright sexy. So I had to go with plan B. I patented my cure for cancer whose side effects include an enlarged penis.

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15 years ago

I used to like mel, but now I can see that he is a major egomaniacal asshole. You suck mel gibson!

15 years ago

Sorry, there was supposed to be a comma between suck and mel, cuz YOU, whoever is reading this, don’t suck mel gibson. Mel gibson sucks. :) Geez, I need to find something more useful to do with my time, but reading about celebs is SO fun. ;)

DIC Celebrity Gossip
15 years ago

Last Christmas, Mel Gibson was a total a-hole. It’s nearing Lent, he still is a total a-hole. I wonder what the holidays have got to do with it? Actually. none. He’s just a total a-hole every single day of the year.

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