Michael Jackson wraps his kids’ faces

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson touched down (pic source) in London with his two kids on Wednesday. He wrapped their faces in scarves to stave off the paparazzi and because he’s a freak. The mighty bleached one is in town after being forced to sell off part of his Beatles back catalogue for money.

The King of Pop, 48, is rumoured to be in town to meet with Sir Paul McCartney’s people to discuss selling his £200 million Beatles back catalogue. He is being forced to sell off part of his catalogue to stave off bankruptcy.

There are better ways to hide your child. Scarves aren’t too effective. They’re very porous. Next time a simple black garbage bag should do. No one can see through black right? It has to do with physics or economics or something. Sure they’ll be lying lifeless on the ground in 2 minutes, but they will have died happy knowing they really stuck it to the paparazzi.

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I wonder if they can even see where they’re going. I’d love for one of them to smack into a wall.


It’d be cooler if Michael’s head was in a garbage bag.

The ONLY justice for MJ after all the misery he has inflicted (especially on children) would be to put a plastic bag over his head and secure it tightly- VERY tightly- with a strong rubber band around his neck! … someone should have buried this subhuman freak of nature, child predator, 6 feet underground a long long time ago… in another 10 or 15 years the world will have to put up with far worse and much more predatory then even him though, namely- Prince and Paris Michael … the mind destruction those two must be growing up in, not… Read more »

what do they look like, do they have the same skin disease?


Why can’t everyone just leave him alone.
He keeps his children’s heads covered for
their protection.

virgalicious/hottest,baddest chic aroun
virgalicious/hottest,baddest chic aroun

i dont know if they or he has a disease but how is he protectin them if he’s so ashamed of them he should no9t have brought them infront of the poperotsy


Those poor kids have NO life, they need to be with their mother.
Everybody already Knows they are not his Bio. Kids.

MJ Fan

Cant’t you just leave him alone?!
He was the best, let him rest in peace!


Let it Go!!!!!!!!!

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