Michelle who?

Michelle Branch’s stalker was caught at her Sheboygan, Wis. concert this week. Michelle halted the show and asked someone to check out a guy in a striped shirt and glasses. Two distinctive pieces of stalker apparel.

Dominick Giordano, 32, of Maryland, was cited for disorderly conduct after staff members at the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts stopped him as he tried to escape on Monday, according to police.

Authorities said Giordano had been on Branch’s trail since 2003, following her to concerts around the country and regularly sending her letters and videos. A police report from the Sheboygan incident said Giordano had previously gotten backstage at Branch concerts and into after parties, and had lunged at Branch at an autograph session.

“He used to get his way into meet-and-greets and private events somehow and would try to approach her and touch her and just really inappropriate stuff,” said Branch’s road manager, Joshua Scott, explaining that a restraining order issued after Giordano’s 2004 arrest in Arkansas has since expired.

I can’t even remember what song Michelle Branch was famous for. Is she even making new music anymore? I figure this guy would have been given a life-time backstage pass for being a Branchinite. That would have been a great gift for my years of unwavering devotion. I mean “his” not “my”. Damnit!

Here she is at some concert strumming a guitar. Exciting.

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