Naomi Campbell begins her community service

Today was the first day of Naomi Campbell’s community service. The 36-year-old Campbell plead guilty in January to throwing her jewel encrusted cellphone at Ana Scolavino’s head. She is to serve 5 days of community service and attend anger management. She showed up in style at New York City’s Sanitation Department’s Lower East Side wearing heels and an expensive coat.

If Naomi’s going to work in sanitation, Naomi needs to be fashionable. She’s a model, it’s in her contract. But this goes for everyone. I always say that just because a judge forces you to wallow in human waste for a crime you obviously didn’t commit since the car you were driving wasn’t even yours and you had no idea how those two dead hookers got in the trunk (honest, officer), doesn’t excuse you from not looking your best.

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Damn I'm Cute
16 years ago

If that’s what she wears when mopping floors, I’m looking forward to what she puts on when she cleans a public toilet as punishment for her inevitable next physical assault.